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Age plays a major role in women’s fertility. Ladies in their 20s to early 30s are in their prominent reproductive years. However, not many women today feel ready to have a baby at this age. In such cases, egg freezing...Read More
Egg Donor IVF is a fertility solution or treatment option for those who can’t use their own eggs because of infertility. It’s a fact, using a screened egg donor as opposed to a family member or friend, often yields a...Read More
Waiting it out is not going to put an end to your or your partner’s infertility. Just like any other medical condition, there are multiple treatments available for those struggling to have a child because of infertility. According to a...Read More
The journey to becoming parents for a gay male couple can be long and emotionally draining. In most cases, a surrogate will be used. Along with selecting a surrogate, you will need to select an egg donor as well. Chances are,...Read More
How Many Eggs Do I Need to Freeze? This is possibly one of the most common questions that our fertility clinic faces, along with few others. At what age should I freeze my eggs? How to determine egg quality? And...Read More
Where Does Gender Selection Fit into the IVF Process? For centuries, couples have come up with ways to influence the gender of their offspring. More than seven centuries ago, the Chinese developed a calendar. This helped to predict the gender...Read More
Can Single Parents Pursue Surrogacy? Yes, surrogacy is certainly possible for a single parents. However, there are some very important things to understand before moving forward. Non-traditional families have become increasingly common nowadays, and more individuals are choosing to become...Read More
There are times when it requires a gift from another person, to build a family. IT may be donor sperms or donor eggs to become a parent. There can be multiple reasons for this, but we at Coastal Fertility focus...Read More
It’s in the news and is making a deep impact. Many companies such as Apple and Facebook have offered the chance for women to freeze their eggs by covering the cost. It’s a great company policy and takes into consideration...Read More
A failed IVF cycle can unleash an overwhelming torrent of emotions for anyone. It can be shocking and even demoralizing to get the news that your first IVF cycle has failed. It’s possible that you have felt the anticipation and...Read More
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