On-Demand Fertility Seminar On-Demand Egg Freezing Seminar

On-Demand Egg Freezing Seminar

Fertility Preservation:

For Potential, New, And Existing Patients

In modern society we are faced with the dilemma of competing priorities: pursuing a career, finding the right partner, and having a family. Fertility preservation puts you in control of the timeline, allowing you to maximize your peak fertility while allowing you to focus on advancing your career or meeting the right partner. All attendees will receive a certificate for complimentary consultation which includes a follicular ultrasound. Learn more about the options available and take charge of your future fertility.

Featured Topics:

Our goal is to educate and help you better understand the family building options available.

Coastal Fertility offers on-demand seminars for new and potential patients. All seminars are conducted by our fertility doctors.

Fertility can be a sensitive topic, so Coastal Fertility gives you the option to watch the seminar virtually without going to an in-person appointment. We will provide you with a video link that lets you join the seminar from your laptop or phone and you can see the presentation on your device whenever and wherever you want.

So sign up, wait for our email with the video link, and enjoy our informative seminar from the convenience of your own home!

Watch the Seminar, wherever you want, whenever you want!

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