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It would be logical to think that if a woman’s womb is removed after hysterectomy, she won’t be able to conceive a pregnancy or bear children. However, women who have performed a hysterectomy operation are still capable of having their…Read More

We are usually told to lean on our spouses when dealing with fertility stress. However, we can get a strong sense of support from people who dealt with infertility and know where the shoe pinches when it comes to the…Read More

Coastal Fertility Medical Center is proud to announce that it has received an accreditation from the College of American Pathologists (CAP). Basically, CAP recognizes the “highest standard of care” for laboratory quality and records. In addition, there are laboratory equipment,…Read More

For more than three decades, Coastal Fertility Medical Center (Coastal) and its founder, infertility specialist Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin, have worked with couples through the heartbreak of infertility to hopeful and positive outcomes yielding more than 3,000 babies. Read full…Read More

In 2014 Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin of Coastal Fertility Medical Center received three awards recognizing his dedication to leading, compassionate fertility treatment and care. Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin of Coastal Fertility Medical Center is wrapping up 2014 with 3 new…Read More

Our very own The Orange Coast Magazine features our very own Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin as a “Top Medical Professional”. Here’s some of the text from the January 2013 issue: 2012 brought many new babies for Coastal Fertility Medical Center…Read More