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It goes without saying that virtually everyone thinks about having a family one day. For many of us this process comes naturally and for others it can be more complicated. One of the many difficult moments about discovering that you have cancer is that your ability to become pregnant can be compromised. It can be difficult to predict whether a patient’s fertility might be affected when cancer treatment is completed, but it is a possibility that certainly needs consideration.

The good news is that cancer patients have several options to help improve their chances of having children after cancer treatment is over. Before your treatment starts, it is important to discuss the risk of infertility with your doctor or oncologist. It is never to early to speak with a fertility specialist.

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Faced with little opportunity to save and budget for the immediate high costs of cancer, most cancer patients do not have extra money for fertility preservation treatments before undergoing potentially sterilizing treatments. In addition, cancer patients have a small window of opportunity to preserve their fertility.

To help cancer patients overcome these barriers, Coastal Fertility has taken some specific measures:

Fertility Preservation

Our egg freezing cost is completely transparent and covers comprehensive services. The program is specifically designed to empower patients who must preserve their fertility due to various reasons and hopeful parents who have to delay childbearing.

Insurance Advocacy

As of 2019, a new California law compels insurance providers to cover the fertility preservation costs for cancer patients who have to undergo treatments and surgeries that might damage their reproductive organs. Oncofertility patients can greatly benefit from this law and offset the costs of fertility preservation. Our financial counselors can help you with taking advantage of this bill.

Coastal Fertility & Fertile Hope Partnership

Coastal Fertility & Fertile Hope PartnershipCoastal FertilityFertile Hope have partnered to help reduce costs of fertility preservation for cancer patients. Fertile Hope’s Sharing Hope Program for Women’s goal is to help to reduce the costs of fertility procedures and treatments for those diagnosed with cancer during their reproductive years.

If you or a loved one are facing the challenges of cancer and fertility preservation, please contact Coastal Fertility to discuss your options.

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