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LGBTQ Family Building Options For Male

Offering one of the most advanced fertility treatment options.

Common Family Building Options For Gay Men

At Coastal Fertility, we offer customized family building options, considering each patient’s specific needs, while simplifying the process by providing all the necessary resources. Intended Parents now have plenty of options to have a biologically-related child, thanks to advances in assisted reproductive technology. The most popular option is gestational surrogacy and utilizing donor eggs. In this case, you or your partner’s sperm will be used to fertilize eggs from your donor via IVF. The person donating the sperm goes through standard testing to check sperm volume, concentration, and motility. The embryos formed will then be transferred into the Surrogate mother, who will carry the pregnancy to term.

If you and your partner want to have biological ties with the baby, each person’s sperm can be used to fertilize different batches of eggs from a single donor. When the baby is born, you can then use a DNA test to determine who of you is the father. Whether you want to have twins or a single child, you have the option to choose a concurrent or consecutive surrogacy journey.

Understanding Your Options

Before starting this journey, it is always good to look for a doctor you can trust. Your journey is going to start with an initial free 15-minute consultation, which will enable you to proceed with the utmost confidence.

Additional Resources:

Finding an Egg Donor

Some Intended Parents look for a donor with a family resemblance or certain traits, while others base their Egg Donor selection on academic background, hobbies, or talents. No matter which factor you prioritize the most, our team of experts will help you identify the most suitable candidate depending on your personal preferences.

Anonymous Donor

If you choose to proceed with an anonymous donor, Coastal has a vast donor database you can select from. Our Egg Donors are extensively screened to make sure their eggs are viable and of high-quality. Our database is made up of various egg donors from all around the world, allowing you to choose the donor that best fits your needs and wants.

Known Donor

You can also decide to use the eggs of a known person, such as a relative, close friend, or colleague. You will already know the personality of your Egg Donor, and possibly, their family and health history. They are also going to have the chance to be part of your baby’s life, which can be very rewarding. A known donor will need to undergo medical screening and egg retrieval process as with an anonymous donor.

Egg Bank

Our egg bank shortens your journey to parenthood and eliminates the risks on the way. It puts you in charge of your fertility timeline since stored eggs are always available for use anytime you want. Choosing from our egg back also reduces waiting time and prevents unexpected setbacks. You are sure to get high-quality eggs with higher chances of success when you use our egg bank.

Finding a Surrogate Through Our Partner Surrogacy Program

Selecting a Surrogate is no doubt one of the most crucial decisions you will need to make on your journey to parenthood, and Coastal Fertility wants to help you from the very beginning. All Surrogates have already been screened using our partner surrogacy agency’s proprietary process, giving you the peace of mind and confidence that they are medically and emotionally ready to help you actualize your dream.

Our comprehensive service approach ensures oversight, not only during the IVF process but throughout the pregnancy. Our partner’s surrogacy program has less than 50 percent of the national average for premature birth rates. An experienced doctor will carefully monitor the pregnancy together with your case manager. If you have any questions, you can reach out to one of our doctors, and they will answer them for you. You will receive comprehensive reports every week, and your surrogate will be assigned a case manager and psychologist to help her through the journey.

When starting your journey, some important questions you need to consider:

Who will donate the sperm? A donor, one partner, or both partners?

Who will provide the eggs? A known or anonymous donor?

Who will be the Gestational Surrogate?

At-Home Semen Analysis

Complete a semen analysis test from the privacy of your home

Coastal Fertility has partnered up with Posterity Health to offer you at-home semen analysis tests. This easy and convenient process allows men to learn about their sperm quality and fertility health and create treatment plans to overcome infertility factors.

Semen analysis kit mailed to your home and then FedExed back to the laboratory. Free shipping both ways.

Follow included instructions and complete sample collection in the privacy of your own home.

Comprehensive semen analysis performed at the lab.

Schedule a telehealth appointment with top male fertility experts and discuss the results and next steps. Can be scheduled within one week.

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We offer one of the most advanced fertility treatment options.
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