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Coastal Fertility Welcomes LGBT IVF

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At Coastal Fertility Medical Center, we believe that everyone should be able to actualize their dreams of having a family. Saying that, we take pride in offering help to any couple, same-sex or not, to assist in building the family of their dreams. We offer access to our state-of-the-art fertility treatment methods and the newest technological advancements. The two most common options LGBT couples use to achieve pregnancy is In-vitro fertilization (IVF) and artificial insemination. Family building for those in the LGBT community does require 3rd-party reproduction services. This includes the use of sperm donors, Egg Donors, and a Surrogate mother (gestational carriers). The reproductive specialist team at our LGBT+ friendly clinic will guide you through each step of the process. They would answer any question and listen to any concerns you may have as well.

Coastal Fertility Proudly Services Lesbian Couples

Family building for same-sex female or LGBT couples usually involves intrauterine insemination and/or in-vitro fertilization (IVF). Whether or not they wish for the sperm to be from someone they know or a stranger, lesbian couples do require a sperm donor. Some questions that may also arise for a lesbian couple are where will the eggs come from? Will you use eggs from one of the partners’, or rather use an Egg Donor in addition to a sperm donor. Will one partner of the LGBT couple carries the child, or will you use a Surrogacy. After making all the important decisions and completing routine fertility testing, the fertility expert will then figure out the most appropriate type of treatment for the lesbian couple at our LGBT+ Friendly Fertility Clinic.

The options for LGBT are either IVF or IUI. If the couple used intrauterine insemination (IUI) as the first line of fertility treatment and was not able to become pregnant, We may ask them to repeat the process. If they fail to conceive after several IUI attempts, this may mean there is a fertility problem that also needs to be addressed.

Same-sex Male Couples

Same-sex male couples willing to have a child can do so by opting for LGBTQ Surrogacy. They are going to need a Surrogate mom, an Egg Donor, and IVF treatment to start their own family. When going for IVF, gay couples need to ask themselves similar questions. Who will provide the eggs? Who will be their Surrogate and carry their baby? Will the sperm come from one partner, or will they use a Sperm donor? If the LGBT couple choose to use their sperm for Surrogacy, the partner who will be donating the sperm will have to undergo routine testing at LGBT+ Fertility Clinic. The tests will determine his sperm count, motility, and volume. Then we collect the sperm, prepare it, and use it to fertilize the Donor’s eggs in the IVF laboratory. The embryo or embryos formed are transferred into the womb of the Surrogate mother.

LGBT IVF and Coastal Fertility Clinic

IVF is the most turned to fertility treatment for same-sex couples. Gay couples of LGBT Community who want to have a baby with their sperm through Surrogacy used it. The lesbian couples who are finding it difficult to get pregnant with IUI also opted for it. During in vitro fertilization (IVF), our fertility doctors artificially fertilize the eggs in the lab. Then we introduce the embryo(s) into the female partner’s or Surrogate’s womb. The treatment usually takes 4 to 6 weeks and starts a month before the main IVF treatment at our LGBT+ Friendly Fertility Clinic . It is without a doubt, that IVF is an integral part of the surrogacy process for gay couples.

If you would like information about available fertility treatment options for gay and lesbian couples, please contact us at www.coastalfertility.com. Or you can call us at 949-726-0600.

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