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Affordable Financial Options

Financing & Discounts

Coastal Fertility offers highly affordable IVF single cycles. Financing is also available for qualifying applicants through the following finance companies*: Prosper HealthCare Lending and Lending Club. Information on these programs can be found by clicking the buttons below.

Pharmaceutical Discount Programs

We understand that when you are undergoing fertility treatment, the cost of medications can become a source of concern when considering your cycle options.

To help alleviate some of these concerns, we are happy to participate with the following prescription discount programs, providing eligible patients between 5% – 75% in discounts

Please let us know which company approves you so that we can order from that pharmacy.

EMD Serano (manufactures GONAL-F) Compassionate Care Program

With this program, you could potentially save up to 75% off the self-pay price of fertility medications at participating pharmacies.

This program has been created for uninsured, income-eligible patients.

The Compassionate Care Program is available to eligible clients who may not otherwise be able to afford fertility treatment.

Eligibility requirements:

  • No insurance coverage for fertility medication

  • Currently undergoing fertility treatment with a physician

  • US citizen or permanent resident

  • Qualifying annual household gross income

A compassionate care program is available for multiple cycles within each year.

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ReUnite Assist Program(in partnership with Merck, manufactures Follistim)

The ReUnite Assist program provides discounts off specific fertility drugs for eligible patients

ReUnite Rx partners with drug manufacturers and fertility specialty

pharmacies to help improve access of fertility care to patients throughout the United States.

Patients will receive an email after completing their online application with instructions on their discount savings and additional program details.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Non-insured prescriptions(100% cash pay)

  • Current proof of income(1040 tax document)

  • Only available at participating ReUnite Rx pharmacies

  • Discount expires one year from the date issued

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ReUnite Assist for Veteran’s

ReUnite Assist for Veterans offers an automatic 25% discount on select fertility medications for military members (active duty and veterans).

Military members can also qualify for additional discounts of up to 75% based on income level.

Within 24-48 hours after completing the online enrollment, you will receive an email regarding your enrollment status and discount level.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Active Duty Military or Veteran(DD 214 or Uniformed Services ID Card required)

  • Current proof of income (IRS 1040 tax form)

  • Non-insured prescriptions(100% cash pay)

  • Discount expires one year from the date issued

  • Cannot be combined with other discount programs

Military Members – Save 25% on Your Fertility Medications

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Prosper Healthcare Lending

Prosper makes personal loans easy.

From the comfort of your home, answer a few questions and get your lowest eligible rate instantly

Choose the offer with the terms that work best for you and the money will be sent directly to your personal account within 3 days.


  • Soft credit pull

  • Easy qualification in 2 minutes

  • Loans are sent directly to You


  • Loan amounts: $2,000 – $35,000

  • Credit score: 640+ and no negative impacts

  • Terms: 36 & 60 months

  • Interest rates: 5.95% – 19%

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(Please include provider number #003325 when you apply)

Prosper Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

HELOC loans allow you to borrow money against the equity you’ve built in your home.

Your home’s equity is the difference between the value of your home and your mortgage balance. HELOC often have lower interest rates than other types of loans, such as a personal loan, which is unsecured.

With a HELOC, it’s critical to understand that in exchange for the lower rate, your home acts as collateral for the line of credit. This is also known as a “secured” loan.


  • Use as needed and pay everything off early

  • 1 year draw period, in which you can make interest-only monthly payments to enable you to borrow
    additional money during the draw period

  • Variable rate or ability to lock in a fixed rate
  • Bank paid closing costs


  • Loan amounts: a maximum of 80% of the home’s value, less your current mortgage balance

  • FICO Credit score: 660+ and
    debt-to-income ratio of 50% or better

  • Terms: up to 15 years for repayment

  • Interest rates: 3.49% – 10.35% Variable APR

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CapexMD is a “White Glove,” boutique lender with an exclusive focus on specialized financing options within the infertility financing industry. Most of their loan specialists are IVF beneficiaries. They walk every patient through their different loan options and discuss all considerations such as IUI’s, IVF cycles, FET’s medication funding, genetic testing, etc.


  • No prepayment penalties

  • Apply online and receive pre-approval within 24 hours
  • Credit card interest rates are generally twice as high as CapexMD rates
  • Personalized concierge services and their sole focus is infertility financing
  • Unique options for borrows with credit as low as 585


  • Loan amounts: $3,000 to $50,000

  • Credit scores: generally, 650+

  • Terms: 6 months to 60 months

  • Interest rates: 7.5% to 12.75%

For more information, call: (949) 726-0600 or Apply Online at CapexMD. Use their loan payment calculator


LightStream offers borrowers with good to excellent credit low-rates, no-hassle, and virtually paperless loans.

They are not FICO score driven and believe there is no single definition for “good credit”. However, they find individuals with good credit usually share the following characteristics:

  • A credit history with a variety of account types: major credit cards, vehicle loans, mortgage debt, etc.

  • A good payment history with few, if any, delinquencies

  • An ability to save evidenced by some or all of the following: liquid assets (stocks, bonds, etc.), down payments on real estate, retirement savings, and manageable revolving credit card debt.

  • Stable and sufficient income and assets to repay current debt obligations and any new loan with LightStream.

  • Ultimately their determination of good credit is based on whether they conclude that there is a very high
    likelihood that the loan will be repaid in a full and timely manner.


  • Loan amounts: $5,000 to $100,000

  • Credit scores:

    • not FICO score driven (see above qualifiers)

    • Loans $20,000 – $100,000 need a credit score of 740+ and requiry a hard inquiry for approval

  • Terms: 24 months to 144 months

  • Interest rates: 3.49% to 19.99%* APR with autopay

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Lending Club

We are pleased to present flexible payment plans through Lending Club Patient Solutions.

It’s easy to calculate your potential monthly payments. Simply complete a short application which displays fixed rates and monthly payments available for Extended Plans, all without impacting your credit score.


  • Plans with low fixed rates & low monthly payments that never change over the life of the loan

  • Patient-friendly, True No-Interest Plans with no retroactive interest

  • No upfront payments

  • No prepayment penalty


  • Loan amounts: $2,000 – $40,000

  • Credit score: 650+ & no negative impacts

  • Terms: up to 60 months

  • Interest rates: 4.99% – 24.99% (26.99% beyond 60 months)

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