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While many countries now allow couples to grow their families through surrogacy, not all of them permit gay partners to embark on this exciting and highly rewarding journey. In this article, we will discuss some countries in the world where...Read More
An overview of gay surrogacy A gay surrogacy refers to a surrogacy arrangement where both the Intended Parents are same-sex married or unmarried couples. Similarly, surrogacy for single parents means an arrangement where single individuals (male or female) pursue surrogacy...Read More
We all know that a lot of hormones are important for a successful surrogacy pregnancy. But do you know which hormone plays what role in pregnancy? During a surrogacy pregnancy, fertility specialists specially look after hormone levels in a Surrogate...Read More
If you are a Transgender, Gender-queer, or Nonbinary Individual, you may be wondering what pregnancy options and fertility services are available and whether you can still have your own babies. And if there are options, are there LGBT friendly fertility...Read More
The desire to have children cuts across different backgrounds: gay, lesbian, transgender, single, and partnered. Thanks to advanced reproductive technology (ART), a lot of people have achieved that dream. In addition to that, Gestational Surrogacy has opened new doors of...Read More
If you’re reading this article, you’ve probably decided to help another person build a family. That is great news! Now that you have made the decision, your next question may be “What now? How do I do that?” Luckily, we’re...Read More
One of the most difficult tasks for surrogate mothers is explaining what their surrogacy journey will be like to their children.  In fact, a lot of surrogates are more worried about telling their own children than their employers. The question...Read More
Due to technological advances, there are now multiple fertility treatments such as IUI, DI and Surrogacy are available to help couples and individuals achieve their dream of starting a family. In our blog today, we will discuss a few of...Read More
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