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Santa Ana’s Leading Fertility Clinic

Coastal Fertility is a Fertility Clinic in Santa Ana. Here individuals and couples have the opportunity to get much-needed answers about pregnancy struggles. People don’t conceive due to various reasons. However, without proper tests and diagnostic methods, it’s difficult to pinpoint a specific cause. As the best IVF clinic in Santa Ana, we work hard to meet and exceed the expectations our patients might have. Besides IVF, Coastal Fertility also offers other treatment options depending on your fertility status, health, and other factors.

Of course, there are several other fertility clinics in the area. But Coastal Fertility stands out among them in more than one way. On the whole, starting from the services we provide to success rates, we have a lot to offer. It comes as no surprise that Coastal Fertility has secured its place as the leader of reproductive care in Santa Ana.

Coastal Fertility’s Clinical Overview

Not every fertility clinic is the same. Some clinics focus on specific fertility treatments. Others may provide an array of options to suit the different needs of their patients. Not to mention that as a person or couple who wants to have a child, Coastal Fertility is the best place to go.

Founded in 1982, our clinic has become the strongest name in fertility care. These are not mere words. It’s a fact founded on years of research, dedication to excellence. At the same time the use of the latest strategies along with the cutting-edge technology makes us pin-perfect.

If you’re looking for the top fertility clinic in Santa Ana that has everything you need to solve this obstacle and become a parent, then Coastal Fertility is the best option.

Coastal Fertility’s Advanced Technologies in Santa Ana

Based on treatment options and technologies provided by a clinic, patients can determine whether it’s a good fit or not. As a person who wants to become a parent to a little bundle of joy, you should listen to the gut feeling that says you’ve surely found the best fertility clinic, Coastal Fertility, Santa Ana.

You’re probably wondering what makes Coastal Fertility the best place to address fertility struggles. The reasons are truly endless! but they all come down to the cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art laboratory and facilities. This truly enables our dedicated team to provide various services and utilize advanced approaches.

The services or treatments offered at Coastal Fertility in Santa Ana evidently go beyond IVF. Services are extended to diagnosis and testing for infertility problems and induced ovulation. We also offer inseminations, Surrogate matching, Egg Donor procedures, and so much more. In addition to these treatments, we also provide technologies such as ICSI, blastocyst transfer, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), and several others.

What Makes Coastal Fertility Successful?

An individualized treatment plan increases the chances of a successful pregnancy. Every patient is different, but many clinics nowadays still go by the “one size fits all” rule. That’s not how it works! As the best fertility clinic in Santa Ana, we make sure every patient gets the best treatment based on their specific needs. This includes overall health status, fertility problems, and more. We understand that a wide spectrum of factors influences the likelihood of pregnancy.

Another key point is that Coastal Fertility does not refuse patients for with lower chances of conception. We make sure to find a way to still make your dream of becoming a parent a reality. For example, women over 40 are considered to have low risk of pregnancy. Many IVF clinics in Santa Ana will turn them down. We do not! In cases such as these, Egg Donor IVF procedures prove to be successful.

Moreover, other reasons why we are successful include regular research to improve our treatments, continuous evaluation, our nationally recognized expert staff. At the same time we employ cutting-edge technology and advanced facilities for best results. In instances when people are not able to have a child in a “traditional” manner, there are truly other options. Using an Egg Donor is a viable and common option nowadays as well as using a Surrogate.

To conclude, at Coastal Fertility, we are dedicated to help you find a solution to your fertility struggles and build the family of your dreams.

The Best Fertility Team In Santa Ana

In truth, the treatment of infertility and reproductive care require great expertise and compassion. You may be preparing for an IVF treatment on your own or you need an Egg Donor. You may even be a Surrogate and want to be sure that the clinic’s staff will make you feel welcome, safe and taken care of.

Coastal Fertility checks each of these boxes easily. Our Fertility Specialist Dr. Lawrence Werlin has been treating patients for decades. Presently he is a leader in reproductive care, endocrinology, and infertility. All in all, with his in-depth knowledge and experience, he guides patients through the whole process with compassion, understanding, and patience. Thus he conveys all he knows and what he has to offer. He leads the team of doctors and specialists who has carried out more than 3000 IVF procedures. Therefore, if you’re looking for the best IVF clinic in Santa Ana, Coastal Fertility is the one.

It is common for couples to consider IVF treatment. But they soon turn away when they realize costs are expensive. The reality is that many people want to become parents. However, their financial situation does not allow them to. Affording fertility treatment through a health insurance provider could be an option. Although, many of them do not cover a Surrogate, Egg Donor, or IVF treatment expenses.

Does that mean there’s nothing you can do? Of course not! Coastal Fertility has created various fee plans for each type of treatment available.

We specifically design our fee plans to make it easier for patients to have a child. The discussion of fees and costs might seem confusing and overwhelming. In this case our financial counselor will explain everything you need to know. What’s more is that we recognize the importance of helping our patients start their family. And for that they need a well-structured financial plan to make it happen.

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