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Figures show that evidently 9% of men and 11% of women of reproductive age in the United States deal with fertility problems. In one-third of infertile couples, the problem is with the man, in one-third a woman, and in one-third of infertile couples, the problem cannot be identified in either. Trying to conceive unsuccessfully affects one’s life in more ways than one. People start losing their confidence, stress levels increase, and strain on the relationship may develop. Although it may seem like you are stuck in a struggling situation, it doesn’t have to be like that. You still have a chance to welcome a child in your home through treatments such as IVF or IUI at Coastal Fertility Clinic which is now servicing Riverside.

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What is Coastal Fertility?

Coastal Fertility, which is now servicing Riverside county, is the leading reproductive care clinic that has been helping individuals and couples start their families since 1982. For decades Coastal Fertility has focused on exploring different ways to address infertility, thus making it possible for patients to make their wish of becoming parents come true. Coastal Fertility is on the mission to provide the highest-quality reproductive treatments and services available today. Prioritizing compassionate care at the same time is something this clinic takes pride in.

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Cutting-edge technology brought to Riverside

If you’re in Riverside and looking for a fertility clinic, look no further. At Coastal Fertility, we strive to provide the best solutions for our patients. Besides Coastal Fertility has state-of-the-art medical offices, a top of the line IVF laboratory, and ambulatory surgery centers in Riverside. The most sophisticated equipment available today allows our doctors and specialists to provide the best care to Riverside county. Whether you are looking for a trusted IVF doctor, or some other reproductive care treatments, Coastal Fertility has the technology, equipment, and facilities to take care of all your needs.
Speaking of technologies, Coastal Fertility includes the following:

  • IVF (in vitro fertilization)
  • ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)
  • Blastocyst transfer
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD)
  • Donor eggs

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Full-spectrum of services for Riverside

Presently Coastal Fertility has a lot of advantages and having a full spectrum of services and treatments is one of them. The clinic does not limit itself to one type of treatment, instead Coastal Fertility aims to provide patients with multiple possibilities. Some of these include:

  • Basic fertility testing and diagnosis
  • Ovulation induction
  • Inseminations
  • IVF program

Moreover, the Fertility clinic at Riverside also provides treatments and services associated with an Egg Donor or Surrogate for individuals or couples who need this approach to become parents.

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Coastal Fertility’s Amazing Team

Certainly, as someone who wants a baby, you want to be confident that the doctors, nurses, and other staffs who commit to your fertility success and wellbeing. That’s natural! You will be happy to know Coastal Fertility Clinic at Riverside has an outstanding and dedicated team of fertility specialists, physicians, embryologists, and nurses. They are able to specifically identify and manage even the most complicated infertility problems.

For example, our team has carried out over 3000 IVF procedures successfully including in Riverside. That is a staggering number! Fertility specialist Dr. Lawrence Wrelin leads the team, which has become nationally recognized for its expertise. Our specialists and doctors work on new research to improve treatment methods, but also to provide the best care. Expertise is not the only quality of our team, but their compassion and strong desire to help patients in need.

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Every team member at the Riverside Clinic of Coastal Fertility puts patients first. Therefore you and your wellbeing are a priority here. We understand that a number of factors can affect the likelihood of conceiving and staying pregnant. When it comes to IVF, age is an important determinant. Women over 40 have lower chances of getting pregnant, but it is not impossible. Unfortunately, many clinics turn down patients who have a low chance of conceiving in one way or another. Now servicing Riverside, Coastal Fertility does not turn anyone away. Instead of denying help where it is needed, our IVF clinic evaluates all the factors to find the most suitable solution for a specific fertility problem. As a result, individuals and couples can have their much-wanted baby through treatments and methods that corresponded to their individual needs.

We are always on your side. Our dedicated staff optimizes treatments and services for the best outcomes. That is why Coastal Fertility has high success rates. We provide an overall safe and dedicated atmosphere for Riverside residents struggling with infertility. It is the ideal place for people who want to welcome a baby into their family.

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The compassionate care received at Coastal Fertility Clinic, Riverside goes beyond support, education, guidance, and fertility treatments. It extends to multiple fee plans that simplify the treatment and allow patients to afford them. This is particularly important if we bear in mind that many health insurance providers don’t cover the costs of IVF or other fertility-related programs. So we create specialized financial plans for each type of treatment we provide. This allows our patients in Riverside and surrounding areas, to get an additional boost to keep going. Moreover, our financial counselor guides patients through fee plans, explains how they work, and provides other important information you need to know.

Here at Coastal Fertility Clinic, Riverside , we believe that reproductive care should be available to all men and women who want to start a family. Once you schedule an appointment at our fertility clinic, you are in good hands. Our team works hard to help you welcome a child into your life and start the family of your dreams. Specialized fee plans are not limited to the IVF program only, but also extend to Egg Donor services and even the use of a Surrogate. Regardless of the approach you take, you will have a well-structured fee plan that will take the stress away when working with Coastal Fertility.

If you would like information about IVF services offered to Riverside by Coastal Fertility reach out to us at www.coastalfertility.com or call us at 949-726-0600.

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