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A multitude of factors affect our fertility and influence the likelihood of conception. Many couples and individuals struggle with fertility, which can take its toll on the overall quality of life, mental health, relationships, and well-being. Fertility problems are complicated and frustrating, but not unmanageable. Regardless of the problem, there are still options that can help a person or couple have a baby. It all comes down to your approach and whether you’re going to take a proactive attitude or not. One way of being proactive is to schedule an appointment with the Best Fertility Clinic, especially if you are thinking of IVF in Newport Beach.

Here, you can undergo tests to uncover the root of the problem. When the root is known, the fertility specialist can then recommend the best way to tackle it. Coastal Fertility is the clinic where your needs are recognized and where every patient has an opportunity to get the best possible care to become a parent. Our clinic has become a popular choice for individuals and couples from the Newport Beach area, and for good reason. In truth the secret is in the quality of treatments and dedication to excellence Coastal Fertility strives to maintain.With proper care and guidance, it becomes easier to avoid stress and other pitfalls that affect your quality of life and fertility.

Who is Coastal Fertility and how are they assisting Newport Beach?

If you have been researching fertility centers, you have probably heard about Coastal Fertility Center at one point or another. Our fertility clinic Coastal Fertility which is surrounded by Newport Beach was founded in 1982. Since the very beginning, we have focused on providing optimal reproductive care to individuals and couples who need our help.


Throughout the years, we have helped people become parents through our treatments based on continuous research and cutting-edge technology. To emphasize Coastal Fertility has a lot to offer to every patient who comes through the clinic’s doors. Additionally, our state-of-the-art medical offices, IVF laboratory, and ambulatory surgery center are our pride and joy alongside a dedicated and caring team who work with every patient closely to tend to their individual needs. As a result, Coastal Fertility Center stands for integrity, compassion, care, evolution, and hard work to show that nothing is impossible.

Services Offered in Newport Beach

Many people struggle to conceive, but they do not automatically assume infertility could be to blame. After all, various factors can influence the likelihood of a successful conception. Multiple failed attempts to get pregnant are a sign to schedule an appointment with a fertility specialist who will be able to identify the underlying cause. For that reason, it’s always best to find a clinic that provides a wide range of services, especially if you are thinking of IVF in Newport Beach.


Coastal Fertility assists Newport Beach with various services and treatment options to better help their patients considering IVF. Overcoming infertility problems and finding a way to have a child even when biological obstacles arise can be a very difficult and emotional process. Services provided by our fertility clinic include tests and diagnosis of infertility, inseminations, induction of ovulation, and IVF programs.


Coastal Fertility by Newport Beach also assists individuals or couples in finding an Egg Donor or a Surrogate. We are able to provide these services due to the sophisticated equipment, cutting-edge technology, and state-of-the-art facilities and laboratories we have.Patients who require advanced technologies such as IVF services, egg freezing, and egg donation services will have no issues getting everything they need from our fertility clinic in Newport Beach.

Successful team

Take a few moments to think about the ideal fertility clinic in Newport Beach. What are the qualities that came across your mind? It’s safe to say that they include experience, expertise, compassion, desire to learn more, and of course emphasis on constant improvement. Coastal Fertility by Newport Beach has built a wonderful team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and compassionate specialists and doctors who work hard to make your dreams come true.


With over 3000 IVF procedures under their belt, this team has all that it takes to guide you through the necessary treatment and yield the best possible results. At the present time, Dr. Lawrence Werlin leads our successful fertility specialist team. It puts the patient first and evaluates various factors to recommend the best solution for a particular problem.

Coastal Fertility yields new IVF success rates in Newport Beach

High success rates of IVF and other procedures at Coastal Fertility can be accredited Particularly to several factors. These include

  • Knowledgeable, skilled staff
  • Research & Advanced technology
  • Continuous evaluation of the process
  • Detailed evaluation of individual patient needs
  • Individualized treatment protocols

At Coastal Fertility, we do not reject the treatment of a patient just because there is a low risk of a successful pregnancy. We evaluate all the factors to recommend the route that will yield the best results. That’s what makes us different than other IVF Newport Beach clinics. In instances where other treatments don’t display a high chance of pregnancy, we are ready to find other solutions. There is always a possibility to try with a Surrogate and Egg Donor. We are the prime example of the saying, where there is a will, there is a way.

A common misconception is that fertility treatments and other options are only available for the rich and famous. You do not have to be a celebrity to turn your dreams of becoming a parent into reality. Therefore Coastal Fertility Newport Beach has created specialized fee plans for every service available. The main objective of these fee plans is to make it easier for patients to afford fertility treatment or be able to have a baby with the help of the Surrogate and Egg Donor. Our financial counselor is available to walk you through the chosen plan and explain how it works. What makes the fee plans at Coastal Fertility practical, is that they help people have a child in cases when they are not able to afford the treatment or when the insurance plan doesn’t cover it.

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