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Coastal Fertility Clinic Servicing Corona

Have you been trying to have a child for a while, but the efforts are not successful? Millions of people face the same problem, but there is now a solution on the horizon. Coastal Fertility Clinic, which services Corona, can help you become a parent through an extensive range of treatment options and technologies such as IVF and IUI. 

Coastal Fertility Leads in Reproductive Care

Finding the best fertility clinic in Corona is not the easiest task in the world. However it should not be the source of stress either. To avoid the frustration that can come with wrong choices, the most important thing to do is to get information about every clinic you are considering. The more you know, the easier it becomes to make a decision and feel confident about it. Coastal Fertility is the source of hope and can provide that confidence. Wondering why? The reason is simple; Coastal Fertility has been the leading reproductive care clinic since 1982.


For decades, this fertility clinic that services Corona has been helping individuals. Here couples become parents and enrich their lives with a small bundle of joy. Coastal Fertility has come a long way thanks to the team dedicated to developing and improving the treatment of infertility, among other services. This is the place where we place the exact needs of every patient as the top priority. We make sure every person or couple gets the care, support, and the most suitable treatment for their situation.

Coastal Fertility Offers Corona Several Services

Whether you want to find an IVF clinic in Corona or are seeking other services to address fertility struggles, you’ll receive all the care you need at Coastal Fertility. The full range of services aimed to help patients have a baby is our pride and joy. These services include basic infertility testing and diagnosis, ovulation induction, inseminations, IVF programs. It provides prospective parents with other approaches using an Egg Donor and Surrogate as well.


In addition to a full spectrum of services, Coastal Fertility also provides advanced technologies such as ICSI, blastocyst transfer, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD testing). Our wide range of treatment options and technologies make Coastal Fertility the best fertility clinic servicing Corona. Our desire to take current treatments and methods to a new level allows patients to be proactive about fertility-related problems. After all, only when you get proper guidance and care will you be even more motivated to keep going and make your dreams come true.

Coastal Fertility’s Dedicated Team

Does technology matter when people who don’t have knowledge and skills handle it? The answer is no; it doesn’t. Cutting-edge technology is always a good thing, but it gets even better when you realize there is an amazing team behind it. Whether you are looking for an IVF center in Corona, or maybe even looking for a Surrogate or an Egg Donor, our compassionate, supportive, but also knowledgeable team of will help you out every step of the way. Every fertility clinic specialist on our corona team has national recognition for their expertise, and that speaks a lot. The team at Coastal Fertility is led by Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin, who is one of the most notable fertility specialists in the country.


Our doctors and specialists rely on cutting-edge technology and the latest developments in fertility treatments and reproductive care. It is to treat their patients and increase their chances of having a baby. Besides knowledge, expertise, and skills, our specialists and doctors also genuinely care about every patient. This is because we know that it is absolutely crucial for success. If you are someone in Corona, looking for the best fertility clinic that will provide top of the line support and assistance, your search has ended. Coastal Fertility easily checks those boxes. Every member of our team is deeply committed to excellence and the desire to make this world a better and happier place one family at a time. 

Coastal Fertility’s Success Rates

Struggling to conceive often leaves people feeling hopeless and skeptical about potential treatments. You have been through so much already and do not want to experience the same disappointment again. When deciding to give IVF a try and see a fertility specialist, you also need to get information about the success of the treatments they provide.


Coastal Fertility is among the most successful clinics, thanks to the outstanding results our patients experience. For instance, our team has carried out more than 3,000 IVF procedures so far and our results are excellent. Speaking of IVF, the success of this demanding procedure comes down to many factors, including a woman’s age. It is considered that women older than 40 have a low likelihood of conceiving. For that reason, many clinics turn them down. It is because they simply don’t want to deal with patients who have lower chances of getting pregnant. Is that fair? Of course not! What you need to know is that there is a viable solution!


At Coastal Fertility Clinic, Corona we know that Egg Donor IVF is a viable and effective treatment option for women who want to have a child after the age of 40. We don’t turn down clients just because they don’t have “ideal” conditions to conceive. Instead, our team focuses on research to develop and improve methods and treatments. Coastal Fertility takes pride in exploring different options that would allow a person or couple to have a baby and make their dreams a reality.  

Flexible fee plans

If you are in Corona and have decided to give IVF a chance, but worrying about the costs, don’t stress yourself out too much. Coastal Fertility Clinic, Corona is well aware of the fact that many people are unable to afford fertility treatments and reproductive care. Health insurance providers usually do not cover these types of treatments making everything seem impossible. One way to show how much we care about our patients and their desire to expand their family is through thoughtfully constructed fee plans. Coastal Fertility has various fee plans available which we specifically created for any treatment option you choose. Our financial counselor informs patients about everything they want and need to know about IVF.

If you are in Corona and would like information about the services Coastal Fertility offers, reach out to us at coastalfertility.com. You can call us at 949-726-0600.

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