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Coastal Fertility in Anaheim, California is a wonderful choice for every individual or couple looking for a fertility clinic or IVF option. The clinic’s foundation took place back in 1982. Since then it has made an enormous impact in the healthcare industry. Treating infertility issues and helping people begin their family has made Coastal Fertility one of the most reputable establishments in the country. The primary mission of our clinic is to ensure every patient gets the highest quality of reproductive services available. However, we are not here just to do tests and recommend treatments. Rather we strive to provide compassionate care and support. This is exactly what every individual or couple needs during their fertility journey. 

Coastal Fertility Offers Multiple Services

We work hard to ensure our patients have everything they need when choosing Coastal Fertility as their fertility clinic in Anaheim. Thanks to our state-of-the-art medical office, ambulatory surgery center, IVF laboratory, and the newest sophisticated equipment for reproductive care. Now you can be confident in the quality of treatment services we provide. With our sophisticated equipment, our doctors and specialists can provide an array of services such as inseminations, ovulation induction, infertility testing, and diagnosis. The cornerstone of Coastal Fertility is our IVF program. In addition to all of these services, we also assist our patients with finding a Surrogate or an Egg Donor if needed.


Coastal Fertility is not only the best IVF clinic in Anaheim but also the best solution for all-around fertility treatment. Our services do assist with different types of reproductive car. It is to allow patients to have a baby in whichever way benefits their situation most. Our services have successfull utilization due to advanced technologies. To name some, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), blastocyst transfer, preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), and the use of donor eggs.


Unlike other clinics that rely on specific services, we go one step further. We provide whatever it is you need to achieve success. We understand how important and critical your issues with fertility are to you. So we are here to help you start the next chapter of your life with a baby.

Coastal Fertility’s Top Notch Team Servicing Anaheim

At Coastal Fertility, we understand you are under stress and have a lot of questions about your fertility. Is there a solution? What are the options? How does the process of finding Surrogate go? Will using an Egg Donor lead to more success? We understand one question may lead to another and so on until the list seems unbearable. We are here to ease any stress of the situation and provide you with top-quality care.


One of the many reasons why Coastal Fertility is the best fertility clinic in Anaheim is the fact that our team is dedicated to helping you get all the information you need. We are here to guide you every step of the way. Every fertility specialist dedicates himself/herself to providing the best quality of treatment and constantly improving. Coastal Fertility is here to make your dreams come true. The team led by Dr. Lawrence Werlin, a leader in reproductive endocrinology and infertility, has carried out over 3,000 IVF procedures in/out Anaheim with excellent results. This information speaks a lot about the quality of our doctors and specialists. It also reflects our commitment to excellence and innovative approaches. We put the patient first and focus on compassionate care.

What Makes Coastal Fertility the Best?

Every clinic may describe itself as the best fertility clinic in Anaheim, but it does not necessarily mean it’s true. Coastal Fertility goes beyond words and relies on actions only. So, what makes us stand out among other clinics? The reasons are numerous, but constant research to improve current methods as well as developing new ways of helping successfully starting families is among the most important. Our doctors and specialists evolve every day, explore different mechanisms of action. They constantly research and study various methods to make sure their patients have the best possible treatment and care.


If you are interested in any procedure regarding the use of IVF in Anaheim, then you’ve probably heard a ton of horror stories. Some of these stories have to do with turning a couple or person away due to success rates, or current fertility issues. Many doctors and fertility specialists assume it’s not worth it to treat a patient who has a low chance of getting pregnant.


If you’re a woman older than 40, you’ve probably heard a lot of this feedback already. Coastal Fertility Clinic, Anaheim is entirely different! We don’t turn down patients but work hard to find the most suitable method for their condition. That way, they can still have their babies regardless of their age. For example, using an Egg Donor is a viable option for women over 40. We should not rule out the importance and benefits of Surrogates as well. Our success and reputation lie on compassion, care, expertise, and motivation to be better and do more every time. It is important to realize our treatment plans are individualized to address the specific needs of every patient. It is to cater to your situation. 

Coastal Fertility Offers Treatment Plans to Anaheim

Here at Coastal Fertility Clinic, we do not turn away patients the way other fertility clinics or IVF specialists in Anaheim do. When the odds are not in their favor at first glance, or in instances when a person or couple can’t afford this treatment right away, we will still find a way to work with you! Many people have tried to cover their treatment by their insurance providers. However, in most cases, that is not possible. With that being said, in order to help our patients become parents, we have created various fee plans. These plans are aimed to make it easier to cover the costs. It helps provide assistance to those who would have otherwise given up.


The goal of Coastal Fertility is to help patients find a way to have a baby, not to ruin their dreams for one, regardless of the odds. We also have a financial counselor to help discuss the various options available to you.


If you are in Anaheim, or any surrounding area and would like information about the services we offer at Coastal Fertility, please reach out to us at www.coastalfertility.com or call us at 949-726-0600.

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