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Based on your treatment protocol – the types and dosages of the drugs prescribed for you – and the treatment expenses you are to pay out of pocket, the costs of fertility medication can be around 30 percent or more...Read More
Genetic screening technologies, such as PGD and PGS testing, are useful in detecting genetic disorders in embryos formed through IVF treatment before pregnancy. When combined with IVF, these procedures can help lower the risk of transferring severe genetic diseases. Additionally,...Read More
The IVF process and its timeline can be different for individuals as no two cases are similar and may require a specialized approach. Although each cycle can be a little bit different, the in vitro fertilization or IVF process usually...Read More
What to Do After a Failed IVF Attempt An unsuccessful IVF cycle can be emotionally devastating. Not only can it be surprising, but can also be disheartening when your first IVF cycle failed. This article from Coastal fertility Medical Clinic...Read More
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