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If you’re a young, educated Asian woman, you may be in high demand — not necessarily for your corporate skills or on dating sites, but for your eggs. Story Lindsay Miller photo Charlize Lin AudreyMagazine.com Laine* was 19 and in...Read More
Dr. Lawrence Werlin, a fertility expert and founder of Coastal Fertility Medical Center in Irvine, has launched a blog on the center’s Web site, WerlsFertilityWorld.com. The blog features Werlin’s opinions and advice on a wide range of reproductive health issues. Recent...Read More
Like most couples, Stacy and Mitch Brookhyser dreamed of their future with children. They hoped the child would share their love of music and imagined the day when Mitch would first teach the child how to surf. But more that...Read More
Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin, Co-Founder of GENESIS Network for Reproductive Health, Assists Couples in Building Their Families IRVINE, California—Oct. 30, 2006—The American Society for Reproductive Medicine invited Dr. Lawrence B. Werlin to present his findings on a study that addressed...Read More
Dr. Lawrence Werlin Appears on discovery health channel next week. IRVINE, Calif.  – Orange County television viewers can experience the human journey — from conception to birth — on Tuesday, August 15th, as the Discovery Health Channel show, Strictly Dr. Drew,...Read More
View PDF After trying to get pregnant for a year without success, Steve and Melissa Weiss decided to see Dr. Lawrence Werlin of Coastal Fertility Medical Center in Irvine. Melissa Weiss’s reproductive organs seemed to be working fine, so “we...Read More
Life couldn’t get much better. I had been married to a wonderful man, Jorge, for two years. We had just decided it was time to start a family – which is what I had been dreaming about for as far...Read More
The 14th annual Miracle Babies Halloween Party was again an enormous success! Well over 750 parents and children (dressed as spooky ghosts and goblins, dashing superheroes and beautiful princesses) shared the opportunity to celebrate their very special origins with Dr....Read More
Medical advances, embryonic biopsies gave David and Darra Williams healthy twin boys By LOIS EVEZICH ALISO VIEJO NEWS June 16, 2005 David Williams never thought he’d have children. With a brother who died at 20 from cystic fibrosis, and an...Read More
By: NAOMI ULICI IRVINE WORLD NEWS May 8, 2005 View PDF Michelle Rappoport of Northwood will never take Mother’s Day for granted. Her one-year-old baby, Samantha Ruby, is a miracle child thanks to genetic selection and invitro fertilization. As a...Read More
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