Complete Semen Analysis and Treatment Options

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Convenient male fertility testing at home or at a clinic location Individualized treatment plans.

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Male Fertility Testing At-Home or On-site At Our Clinic

In about 30% of infertility cases, the problem is with the male partner alone. At RSMC, we’ve partnered with Posterity Health to offer you a comprehensive semen analysis to fast-track your journey to parenthood. The great thing is that you can collect the sample yourself at home!

How Can You Evaluate Your Fertility?

At-Home Male Fertility Assessment ($225)

In-Clinic Male Fertility Assessment

Male Fertility Assessment in a Nutshell!

Purchase your semen analysis

Perform the test at the comfort of your home or in our clinic

Get a comprehensive report on your semen analysis results

Book a telehealth or in-person appointment with one of our male fertility specialists to discuss the details of your results and learn about your treatment options

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Discover available diagnosis options for male infertility here.

Learn about male factor infertility in detail.

What Can You Expect?

Before the Test

Schedule a free consultation or give us a call to get more information. Purchase your at-home kit or schedule a consultation with a fertility expert.

With the Test

Get a lab-certified semen analysis methods that exceed all FDA standards. You will perform a comprehensive test that is approved and recommended by a fertility doctor. Send the sample to our laboratory, shipping costs included.

After Test Telehealth Appointment

You can schedule an appointment with one of our male fertility experts within 7 days to discuss the specifics of your semen analysis and the next steps to take.

Access the Fertility 101 Module

Learn everything you are not taught in your sex-ed classes about the male partner’s role in achieving pregnancy. Learn about how your semen analysis results impact your ability to have a baby and how to enhance your sperm quality.

Male Fertility Playbook

You will also get a playbook containing all the information you need to make lifestyle and behavioral changes that can raise your fertility potential and help you father a healthy baby.

Evaluate Your Fertility Today With Our Specialists

The role of the male partner in a couple’s infertility is often overlooked. That’s why we partnered with Posterity Health to bring equity to fertility. Our partnership brings you advanced, accurate male fertility testing and treatment services. Knowing the fertility status of your male partner will save you and your spouse money, time, stress, and disappointment. Consult with our fertility expert to create a realistic and doable plan to improve your fertility and odds of achieving a pregnancy.

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