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Our Affordable Fertility Treatment Program Rules As FAQs

Any self-paying patient is welcome to start their fertility treatment with the affordable prices.

We are in network with most major insurance carriers and an initial visit is typically a covered benefit. Our coordinators are more than happy to verify your insurance and confirm coverage. For patients without insurance, we offer a discounted price of $85 for an Initial Physician consultation with the option for adding a follicular ultrasound for an additional $85.

  • $8,000 for IVF + Frozen Embryo Transfer
  • $5,988 for Egg Freezing

The affordable fertility treatments do not include insurance covered services, storage, pre-testing, and PGT. Medications may be included if specified. Please contact the office for details.

Simply fill the form here to get started. You can also email our IVF Coordinators at [email protected], or call (949) 726– 0600 to discuss the best way for you to make your deposit.

No, the prices are not refundable.

No. You cannot combine our affordable treatment cycles with any other promotions or offers.

The best way to get an accurate pricing is to schedule a consultation with one of our physicians. That way we can find out what services you may need based on your unique circumstances and the physician’s recommendations. The physician’s consultation can be held virtually or on-site. If you elect for on-site, we also recommend a fertility evaluation with follicular ultrasound. All consultations include a comprehensive financial consultation, outlining your estimated costs based on the treatment plan discussed during the medical consultation. Our Patient Coordinator will check your insurance coverage prior to your appointment and any promotional offers that we may be able to apply to your estimate to get you the best pricing possible.