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Egg freezing is now a key part of every fertility-related discussion, which makes absolute sense this day in age. Due to the amazing benefits, more and more women are willing to try their luck with this procedure. However, many are…Read More

Egg freezing is going mainstream. Egg freezing or oocyte cryopreservation is a medical procedure. This procedure helps to preserve a woman’s ability to get pregnant in the future. With this revolutionary technique, women can defer motherhood and still conceive a…Read More

Donating your eggs is a rewarding and selfless experience. By doing so, you can help a hopeful couple or even an individual build a family. Many women are interested in becoming an Egg Donor and would like to know more…Read More

Being a surrogate mother in California is a good way of helping couples and individuals start a family. Research & statistics at Coastal fertility shows that Surrogacy for LGBTQ people or same sex couples for planning a family is different…Read More

Our fertility specialists have carried out comprehensive research on male infertility. The results obtained confirmed what a lot of fertility experts have been suspecting for a long time now: a sudden increase in the levels of male infertility. But why…Read More

Egg freezing process empowers women and allows them to take control of their fertility. This way they can have a child when the time is right. Instead of having to make the crucial choice between career and family at these…Read More

One of the most difficult tasks for surrogate mothers is explaining what their surrogacy journey will be like to their children.  In fact, a lot of surrogates are more worried about telling their own children than their employers. The question…Read More

Egg donation is a selfless act of helping a couple or individual have a family of their own. If you are thinking about donating your eggs, then you may have one or two questions about the requirements and its process.…Read More

Due to technological advances, there are now multiple fertility treatments such as IUI, DI and Surrogacy are available to help couples and individuals achieve their dream of starting a family. In our blog today, we will discuss a few of…Read More

If you are thinking about becoming an egg donor but have a lot of questions about the procedure and medication involved in egg donation, you should know that you are not the only one feeling this way. Many prospective egg…Read More