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When looking for the best fertility clinic, you need to take time to research any clinic you are considering, be it our fertility treatment center in Orange County, California, or any other in the country. You should not just go…Read More

If you are a Transgender, Gender-queer, or Nonbinary Individual, you may be wondering what pregnancy options and fertility services are available and whether you can still have your own babies. And if there are options, are there LGBT friendly fertility…Read More

We are usually told to lean on our spouses when dealing with fertility stress. However, we can get a strong sense of support from people who dealt with infertility and know where the shoe pinches when it comes to the…Read More

Providing infertility insurance coverage can not only help employers attract new employees but also play a key role in retaining employees. It is still a big problem for many men and women who are struggling to have a family to…Read More

Egg donation is a selfless act of helping an intended couple or individual to have a family of their own. If you are choosing to donate your eggs, then you may have one or two questions about the requirements of…Read More

Statistics at CFMC fertility clinic, Orange County shows that with the changing times, many men and women are choosing to become parents at a later age. As women postpone childbearing, men also become fathers at an older age, when they…Read More

The desire to have children cuts across different backgrounds: gay, lesbian, transgender, single, and partnered. Thanks to advanced reproductive technology (ART), a lot of people have achieved that dream. In addition to that, Gestational Surrogacy has opened new doors of…Read More

The IVF process and its timeline can be different for individuals as no two cases are similar and may require a specialized approach. Although each cycle can be a little bit different, the in vitro fertilization or IVF process usually…Read More

Ways to Maintain Healthy Eggs Women hardly think about infertility or it’s signs until they are ready to conceive. A lot of people go about their life thinking it’s easy to get pregnant, but sadly, that is not always the…Read More

What to Do After a Failed IVF Attempt An unsuccessful IVF cycle can be emotionally devastating. Not only can it be surprising, but can also be disheartening when your first IVF cycle failed. This article from Coastal fertility Medical Clinic…Read More