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Fertility clinic shares IVF pregnancy success with parents-to-be in adorable video

One important fact about the egg freezing process, every woman needs to know is that the younger you freeze your eggs, the better. But, as you decide to freeze your eggs, one key factor you are probably considering is the…Read More

Reciprocal IVF is a great fertility option for Intended Parents in same-sex relationships. Unlike surrogacy, it allows both partners of the LGBT couple to biologically and emotionally participate in the process of birthing a child. Coastal Fertility is a leading…Read More

Women often get much of the blame when they are unable to become pregnant. But the reality is, male fertility is a contributory factor in 30 to 40 percent of infertility cases and may require treatment as well. What are…Read More

Based on your treatment protocol – the types and dosages of the drugs prescribed for you – and the treatment expenses you are to pay out of pocket, the costs of fertility medication can be around 30 percent or more…Read More

Egg donation is one good way of helping an Individual or Couple actualize their dreams of having a family. There are many reasons why people choose to donate eggs. One of them being the desire to help another person build…Read More

It’s important to do your research before going through the egg freezing process. However, the amount of information available out there can be overwhelming. Don’t worry! The Coastal Fertility Medical Clinic in Orange County is here to help you with…Read More

We have known a lot of lifestyle factors that can affect the causes of infertility of both males and females. These range from stress to smoking to body weight. But sleep problems are now a new addition to the list!…Read More

Genetic screening technologies, such as PGD and PGS testing, are useful in detecting genetic disorders in embryos formed through IVF treatment before pregnancy. When combined with IVF, these procedures can help lower the risk of transferring severe genetic diseases. Additionally,…Read More

Choosing the best fertility clinic is a very personal and subjective decision especially if you are looking for one in Orange County, California. A clinic that is best for your friend may or may not be the best choice for…Read More

If you are a Transgender, Gender-queer, or Nonbinary Individual, you may be wondering what pregnancy options and fertility services are available and whether you can still have your own babies. And if there are options, are there LGBT friendly fertility…Read More