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Miracle Babies Reunion Celebration 2021

Let’s hear Dr. Werlin announce the winner

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There’s Something for Everyone

Congratulations to the raffle winner and we cordially thank you all for donating generously and participating in this event. While there can be only one winner for the Raffle we want to make sure that every parent gains something here.

This is why we are offering a special fertility treatment price for our self paying patients to help them get closer to their parenthood goals.

Our IVF with Frozen Embryo Transfer and Egg Freezing includes comprehensive services to complete a full cycle and makes these treatments much more affordable

Let’s Relive Those Amazing Memories.

Those sweet phone calls have been a great inspiration to all of us and we want to preserve those memories for generations to come. We want to know your experience receiving the “You’re Pregnant” call from Dr. Werlin that we can share on our platforms.

This is about motivating and inspiring others to get through their challenging times with such amazing moments and stories.

Your story of struggle and ultimately becoming a lovely parent can ignite the hope in someone. Someone, who is in dire need of a little positivity.  

Upload your video or message:

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2. Email your story to [email protected], or

3. Leave a voice message on our designated line 949-979-6430.

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