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Miracle Babies Celebration

Every year, Coastal Fertility has their Annual Miracle Babies Halloween Reunion, a tradition we all look forward to. Past successful patients bring their children to our clinic to celebrate an exciting Halloween with Dr. Werlin and the entire team.

This year would’ve been our 29th Annual Miracle Babies celebration. The 29th time we get to see every little (or not so little anymore) miracle that became part of our family. This is Dr. Werlin’s favorite time of the year and a celebration that is very dear to his heart. Due to current events we came to the conclusion that we didn’t feel comfortable hosting such a large gathering. Despite the obstacle that we can’t have this event in person, we firmly believe that we can still continue our tradition in a meaningful way.

Please watch Dr. Werlin’s video with a message about this year’s celebration – which may look a little different than the past years – but is as exciting

Dr. Werlin’s Message For You

Fertility expert Dr. Werlin from Coastal Fertility clinic in Orange County

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Share Your Words Of Hope

Anyone who is facing fertility problems knows the feeling of losing hope, being fed up of the unknown, desperately wanting something that seems so easy to others but seems impossible for you. Coastal Fertility’s mission has always been not only to support our patients medically but also emotionally. We all share the same dream: Making YOUR dream come true. The dream of having a family. While we can be there by your side and support you in every way that we can, most of us haven’t been in your shoes. We haven’t walked the same path that you are walking. We understand that the real words of hope for people facing fertility challenges is coming from others who have experienced the same and had to walk the same difficult path like our patients. This is where you, our past Miracle Baby patients come into play. We want to hear Your Words of Hope that we can share on our platforms. We can’t make infertility fully go away but we can help spread awareness of the issues many people are facing and give them hope.

This is about motivating, inspiring others, and most importantly get someone through these challenging times with words of encouragement. Words of encouragement are now needed more than ever. So, we invite you to share your story or simply some words of hope.

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This Year’s Virtual Photo Booth Experience

We love the pictures we are seeing every year from our Miracle Babies with Dr. Werl and we are sure there are many who don’t want to miss out on that year as well. So, we ask you to please submit a picture of your Miracle Baby (with family if you would like) and we will get back to you with a surprise! Please make sure that the faces are not blurry and very visible. We can’t wait for you to see what we have planned for you.

Coastal Fertility Miracle Babies Grant

We want to come together as a community to share the hope of the miracles that you got to experience. Coastal Fertility is donating $5,000 to Gift of Parenthood, a non-profit organization who is helping families and individuals to create a family through fertility treatments. Gift of Parenthood will match all donations received, dollar for dollar. We would like to invite you give the gift of miracles together with us and collect another $5,000 from our Coastal Fertility family for this cause to be able to gift a lucky winner a $10k credit towards a treatment at Coastal Fertility. No donation is too small and a gift of up to $25 can make another family’s dream come true.

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