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Gift Of Parenthood Grant Finalist

We at Coastal Fertility Medical Center share Gift of Parenthood’s mission of helping families and individuals struggling with infertility achieve their goal of becoming parents. We are honored to offer a fertility grant to the selected applicant. While there can only be one winner of the fertility treatment grant this cycle, we have created an offering for the finalists in the region and will extend the following on Gift of Parenthood’s behalf.

  • Complimentary Consultation with Ultrasound
  • 40% OFF fertility treatment services* (IUI, IVF Cycle, PGD, etc.)

*You will have up to 12 months to utilize your discounted services and can secure the special financial assistance offer by paying a $3000 deposit by May 31, 2020. This special cannot be combined with any other offers and applies to non-insurance covered services and excludes storage and anesthesia.

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Since 1982, Coastal Fertility Medical Center has worked with couples through the heartbreak of infertility by creating hopeful and positive outcomes. We are committed to individualized treatment of infertility through a carefully timed and coordinated approach. We’re proud of our overwhelming success in helping couples and individuals create the family of their dreams.


With over 3,000 babies since inception, our record speaks for itself. However, there is more to treatment than just numbers. There are equally important elements of compassion and understanding. Our fertility clinic and passionate staff work tirelessly to help hopeful parents have a child through the best means possible, and with great success! To learn more about Coastal Fertility Medical Center, please read more


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